Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Red State Reject

I've just returned from what is arguably the reddest state in the union. If not the reddest state, then Utah is at least the one most mesmerized by that great mirage of modern times...the Bush Administration. In fact I'm certain that, if it were not for the gravity provided by metropolitan Salt Lake City liberalism, the state would collectively don white sneakers and "exit their human vehicles" for a journey to la-la-land. But alas, I can confirm that the state is still there...

I once thought that I had left this place of my youth behind; that I had escaped to a place that my ancestors had really meant to go, were it not for the mind trap that was Brigham Young's Zion and had they been able to see beyond the blinds of faith. But these past few days have convinced me that I am in fact a kind of political refugee and reject. I could go back when and if the regime ever changes, but it would never again be my home and I would have to remain vocally incognito or quickly join the ranks of other persona non grata like that bane of red state righteousness, Rocky Anderson. Go Rocky! Your choice to attend a peace rally rather than a presidential pickle poke has many of my neo-con family members obsessed.

It's good to be back home in the glorious Pacific Northwest.